The paper submission portal will open in August 2016. The technical program will comprise a mix of sessions organized by theme and by Track and subtrack topics.

Innovation Themes

The ISCAS 2017 technical program will highlight circuits and systems contributions related to cross-cutting, interdisciplinary innovation themes: Internet of Things, Hardware Security, Cognitive Computing & Deep Learning, Brain: Innovative NeuroTechnologies, Analog and Digital Senses, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, and UAVs, Smart Buildings and Cities. Thus, the CAS Society is well positioned as the IEEE Society of Innovation.  Our community has a unique opportunity to nurture small research-driven efforts and ideas that develop into inventions and innovations and fuel global economic development.  That is why innovation is highlighted as the theme for the ISCAS 2017, the 50th Annual International Symposium of Circuits and Systems.

These themes will be used to organize supertracks throughout the technical program linking thematically organized technical sessions, special sessions, invited speakers, plenary lectures, mini-tutorials, and other special events. At the time of paper submission, submitting authors will be invited to indicate thematic alignment of their paper (with up to three themes, although none are required).

Track Structure

ISCAS 2017 invites technical contributions across the spectrum from theory, analysis, and design to practical implementation of circuits and systems. The review process is topically organized into Tracks, which are divided into more specific subtracks.  At the time of paper submission, authors select the most relevant subtrack in order to facilitate the selection of reviewers with suitable expertise.  In the case of interdisciplinary contributions, authors are encouraged to select a secondary subtrack.  Circuits and systems contributions are welcome in all subtracks (as are hardware, embedded systems, VLSI, and integrated circuits contributions).

We invite contributions in all areas of Circuits & Systems, including the following topics:

  • Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits and Systems
  • Digital Integrated Circuits and Systems
  • Communications Circuits and Systems 
  • Power and Energy Circuits and Systems
  • Beyond CMOS: Nanoelectronics and Hybrid Systems Integration
  • Biomedical Circuits and Systems
  • Sensory Circuits and Systems
  • Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Engineering
  • Nonlinear Systems and Circuit Theory
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Visual Signal Processing and Communications
  • Multimedia Systems and Applications
  • Education in Circuits and Systems
  • Internet of Video Things


Submission of 4-page papers: November 18, 2016
Live Demonstration proposals: December 16, 2016
Tutorials proposals: January 20, 2017
CAS-T Presentation: January 20, 2017
Late Breaking News: February 17, 2017
Notification of accepted papers: February 17, 2017
Final Submission deadline: March 17, 2017