Demo 1: “Event-Driven Real-Time Spoken Digit Recognition System”

Demo 2: “Hardware Implementation of Convolutional STDP for on-Line Visual Feature Learning”

Demo 3: “Multiplexing AER Asynchronous Channels Over LVDS Links with Flow-Control and Clock-Correction for Scalable Neuromorphic Systems”

Demo 4: “a 768×640 Pixels 200Meps Dynamic Vision Sensor”

Demo 5 :  “a TiO2 ReRAM Parameter Extraction Method”

Demo 6: “mNET: a Visually Rich Memristor Crossbar Simulator”

Demo 7: “a Pulsar Signal Receiver System for Navigation”

Demo 8: “FPGA Demonstration of Spiking Support Vector Networks Based on Growth Transform Neurons”

Demo 9: “Feature Extraction System Using Restricted Boltzmann Machines on FPGA”

Demo 10: “Convolutional Neural Network Driven by Dynamic Vision Sensor Playing RoShamBo”

Demo 11:  “Multilayer Spiking Neural Network for Audio Samples Classification Using SpiNNaker”

Demo 12: “a Stimulation Platform for Optogenetic and Bionic Vision Restoration”

Demo 13: “a Compact All-CMOS Spatiotemporal Compressed Sensing Video Camera”

Demo 14: “Event-Based Image Processing on CMOS Mihalas-Niebur Neuron Array Transceiver”

Demo 15: “FPGA Neural Array Emulation for Real-Time, Event-Based Simultaneous Dewarping and Filtering for Aerial Vehicles”

Demo 16: "Automated Data Acquisition and Digital Curation Platform for Enhancing Research Precision, Productivity and Reproducibility"

 Demo 17: "Unipolar Symmetrical Variable-Capacitance Generators for Energy Harvesting"

Demo 18: "a Wearable EIT System Using Active Electrodes for Monitoring Respiration"

Demo 19:  "of a Vibration-Powered Bluetooth Sensor with Running PFC Power Conditioning"

Demo 20: "Depth from Focus on a Focal Plane Processor Using a Focus Tunable Liquid Lens"

Demo 21:  "a Wirelessly Powered Highly Miniaturized Neural Stimulator"

Demo 22: "Behaving Cyborg Locusts for Standoff Chemical Sensing"

Demo 23: "Prosthesis Grip Force Modulation Using Neuromorphic Tactile Sensing"

Demo 24: "an Adaptable Prosthetic Socket: Regulating Independent Air Bladders Through Closed-Loop Control"

Demo 25: "Real-Time, Dynamic Visual Saliency Computation in a VR Environment Seeing Through the Eyes of a Mobile Robot"

Demo 26: "a CMOS-Based ISFET Array for Rapid Diagnosis of the Zika Virus"

Demo 27: "Real-Time Chemical Imaging of Ionic Solutions Using an ISFET Array"

Demo 28: "Signal Processing and Climate Understanding"

Demo 29: "a Wireless Headstage Enabling Combined Optogenetics and Multichannel Electrophysiological Recording"

Demo 30: "a Multimodal Adaptive Wireless Control Interface for People with Upper-Body Disabilities"

Demo 31: "a Frequency-Based System for Wireless Electrical Stimulation of iEAPs"