Maker Workshop: Interactive Jewelry

*This tutorial is postponed until FALL 2017. Date and Location information will be available shortly. 

The tutorial will introduce tomorrow's engineers to electrical engineering concepts and careers, providing an overview of the field of Circuits and Systems. After learning about various elements of electrical engineering, students will get some hands-on practice in a maker-style workshop on interactive jewelry. The workshop will provide hardware and software components as well as friendly experts to help show you how to use the tools, customize your project, and put it all together! Projects will combine a microcontroller with sensors and actuators in order to make an attractive, interactive, wearable embedded system. The workshop will offer hardware components such as 3D printed parts, sensors, LEDs, and microcontrollers, as well as software libraries and some example projects as a starting point for the participants to use. No previous knowledge of the field is required, and what you eventually make is limited only by your imagination!