Title: Neural Interface Circuits and Systems


Professor Ross M. Walker, University of Utah, USA 


Neural interface technology has experienced rapid progress in the last ten years, with broad applications in experimental neuroscience as well as medical devices. This multidisciplinary area offers a wealth of opportunity for circuit and system designers to contribute both academically as well as through translational industrial efforts. A key component of the Whitehouse BRAIN Initiative is to increase the number of independently accessible neural recording and stimulation sites by orders of magnitude (e.g. 1e6), which presents major challenges and opportunities for electronics. This half-day tutorial will highlight state-of-the-art neural interface systems and their applications in the context of neuroscience instrumentation as well as medical devices. A comprehensive treatment of neural interfacing modalities will be covered, including electrophysiology, optogenetics, and in vivo imaging. Circuit and system design considerations and challenges will be presented for neural recording, neural stimulation, data processing and telemetry, and physical integration of implantable devices. Attendees will leave the tutorial with up-to-date knowledge of neural interfaces including key thrusts in neuroscience, the burgeoning field of neural prosthetics, and state-of-the-art circuit solutions.