Title: IC Power Management Circuits and Systems with emphasis for portable devices


Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio and Jose Silva-Martinez, Texas A&M University, USA


This tutorial course in Integrated Circuits Power Management will give an overview of the major aspects of DC-DC linear regulators, switching regulators (buck and boost) and battery chargers. Also discussion on battery wireless battery charges will be included. Power management (a $13B global market soon growing to $70B within a decade) plays a crucial role in the technology development of many consumer electronics: Cell-phones, Laptop computers, PDAs, Flat screen monitors, digital TVs, Military and Aerospace systems. Emphasis will be placed on the mathematical foundations as well as on the analysis and design of key power electronic building blocks, namely: Feedback theory, stability and root locus, multi-stage amplifiers, design of dc to dc and ac to dc converters, power supplies, and battery chargers. Time variant envelope tracking switching regulators for PA power added efficiency optimization will be included.